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Michael Peirce

Programming with AppleTalk (Macintosh Inside Out)

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ISBN: 0201577801
Издательство: Pearson Education
AppleTalk is the comprehensive network system built into every Macintosh. All Macintosh programmers, beginners or advanced, need to learn the ins and outs of working with the ApplrTalk system. "Programming with AppleTalk" is the first hands-on guide to understanding and working with AppleTalk. This book describes the important features and functions of the system in detail, showing you how to create applications and system extensions that run with AppleTalk. Topics covered include AppleTalk protocols and the protocol stack, transport media, the Preferred AppleTalk Interface, and storage management. Numerous working code examples walk you through using RDEV, INIT, NBP, ATP and ADSP and provide special tips and techniques for writing efficient and effective programs. You will also learn how to: Use synchronous and asynchronous calls; Avoid heap fragmentation; Configure a Chooser Interface; Work with AppleTalk drivers and much more. This thorough coverage of vital AppleTalk...