Обложка книги FreeBSD Handbook (2nd Edition)

FreeBSD Handbook (2nd Edition)


ISBN: 1571763031;
Издательство: Dancing Goat Press
Страниц: 654

The FreeBSD Handbook is the primary source of documentation produced by the FreeBSD Documentation Project. This new edition contains over 650 pages of material about FreeBSD and has been completely updated to reflect FreeBSD 4.X and 5.0-CURRENT. The FreeBSD Handbook comes with the full FreeBSD Operating System on CDROM. FreeBSD is a powerful, professional quality UNIX-compatible operating system. This book is the most comprehensive documentation set available from the FreeBSD Documentation Project. It covers installation, day-to-day use of FreeBSD, advanced system administration topics, and much more. The following changes have been made since the first edition: - A complete index has been added. - All ASCII figures have been replaced by graphical diagrams. - A standard synopsis has been added to each chapter to give a quick summary of what information the chapter contains, and what the reader is expected to know. - The content has been logically reorganized...