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P. Wouters, K. Bantoft

Building And Integrating Virtual Private Networks With Openswan

Обложка книги Building And Integrating Virtual Private Networks With Openswan

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ISBN: 1904811256
Издательство: Packt Publishing
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 360
This book is a comprehensive guide to using Openswan for building both basic and industry size, military strength VPNs for medium to very large organizations. Written by the core developers, this practical book is all you need to use Openswan to build any VPN infrastructure you may need. The authors have covered the latest developments and upcoming issues. This book will not only help you build the VPN you need, but also save you a lot of time. With the widespread use of wireless and the integration of VPN capabilities in most modern laptops, PDA's and mobile phones, there is a growing desire for encrypting more and more communications to prevent eavesdropping. Can you trust the coffee shop's wireless network? Is your neighbor watching your wireless? Or are your competitors perhaps engaged in industrial espionage? Do you need to send information back to your office while on the road or on board a ship? Or do you just want to securely access your MP3's at home? IPsec is the...