Обложка книги 3D Lighting: History, Concepts, and Techniques (With CD-ROM)

3D Lighting: History, Concepts, and Techniques (With CD-ROM)

ISBN: 1584500387;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Is there someting missing from your 3D Images? Do they lack vibrancy and realism? If so, the problem may not be with your images, but with the lighting behind them. Mastering the art of ligting in 3D graphics is a challenge facing even the most experienced professionals. With the hands-on techniques and guidelines provided in these pages, however, you'll learn to illuminate your work and add new depth and detail to your images. From the history of lighting, to the detailed fundatmentals of 3D Graphics, all of the concepts needed to improve or refresh your lighting skills are covered. The general lighting techniques and information provided will serve as an indispensable and timeless resource.