Обложка книги A Beginner's Guide to Digital Video (Digital Photography)

A Beginner's Guide to Digital Video (Digital Photography)

ISBN: 5-322-00363-0; 2884790373;
Издательство: AVA Publishing

Two hundred and eighty images, taken from actual digital video projects, pack this portable handbook, which covers the complete spectrum of digital video production. Starting with an overview of the various types of digital equipment, formats, and basic digital processes, the focus is placed on 3 key areas: shoot, including preparation, camera movement, and sound and lighting basics; edit, covering storyboards and timelines, trimming, titles, and special effects; and share, burning to disc, sharing digital content on the Web, and more. With advice on surviving and thriving in the digital production “real world”—including how to find an audience and work as a freelance professional—this is an absolute must for anyone wanting to get a foothold this new yet growing medium.

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