Обложка книги Annotate : Simply the Basics

Annotate : Simply the Basics

ISBN: 1580255787;
Издательство: SAS Institute, Incorporated

Get started on your way to using ANNOTATE. Annotate has features that make it unique within the SAS System. Those features combine to make the Annotate facility both complex and powerful. With this well-organized linear introduction to the Annotate facility, get a simple start to a complex subject. Users with a working knowledge of the basics of SAS/GRAPH and the DATA step, will benefit from the guidelines providing strategy for creating Annotate data sets from flat files, other SAS data sets, and assignment statements from within a DATA step. The numerous examples provide key elements of Annotate data sets, alternate statement structures and methods for enhancing your output. You will also be provided with an exhaustive source list for additional reference information to help you move on to the next level for using the Annotate facility. Supports releases 6.12 and higher of SAS software.