Обложка книги AutoCAD 2000: One Step at a Time Basics

AutoCAD 2000: One Step at a Time Basics

ISBN: 0130832103;
Издательство: Pearson Education

AutoCAD 2000: One Step at a Time--Basics was recently approved as Aut odesk Certified Courseware. A text designed for novice AutoCAD users that is ideal for either classroom use or independent study. This book takes a three-pronged approach to teaching AutoCAD by integrating text, CD-ROM, and web-based support to create a complete learning system. Book - Includes 20 AutoCAD lessons designed to bring you fully up to speed with 2-D drawing. Lessons are clearly marked for purpose and content, and provide hands-on, step-by-step instructions to help the student master the task. All instructions come in an easy to follow 3 column format labeled Do This! that clearly presents the task at hand. Lessons contain tips, tricks, projects, and quizzes developed by the author through years of experience as a designer and CAD guru. CD - This CD keeps on providing instruction when you have left the classroom, or are studying on your own. 25 drawing tasks are captured as...