Обложка книги Autocad 2005: One Step at a Time - Part III

Autocad 2005: One Step at a Time - Part III

ISBN: 0975261355;
Издательство: Forager

We listened when you spoke! This is the print version of our popular ebook for those who simply have to have something to carry around with them! But print and ebook are fully compatible with each other (same page numbering and content) so youcan use either (or both) in the same classroom! What are the differences? * Well, the printed book costs more (printing and shipping costs really add up!) * Printed texts are more portable (although heavier than their digital counterparts) * The printed version is black and white. But what about the text? * We still have the shaded boxes with useful tips and tricks for making your AutoCAD experience easier (and more fun!) * Tim?s writing style is as engaging as always ? and as friendly as always! * We still provide dozens of base drawings to make your exercises move as quickly as possible while allowing you to concentrate on the subject at hand. -- thousands of fully updated...