Обложка книги AutoCAD R14: A Visual Approach -- 3D

AutoCAD R14: A Visual Approach -- 3D

ISBN: 0766804720;
Издательство: Autodesk Press

This hands-on text teaches the basics of all the three-dimensional features of AutoCAD® R14. The unique visual approach covers over seventy AutoCAD® commands related to 3D space and 3D modeling. Students learn how to design true 3D objects fromclear, concise, and easy to understand instructions that will help them get the most out of each and every 3D feature of AutoCAD®. Coverage includes everything from basics of three dimensional space to wire frame construction, converting from 3D to multi-view 2D drawings, realistic shading, and more. An Online Companion allows users to access the Autodesk Press web site for information on job resources, professional organizations, updates, and more. ALSO AVAILABLE INSTRUCTOR SUPPLEMENTS CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO ORDER Instructor's Manual R14, 0-7668-0469-0 Keywords: AutoCAD R14

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