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Josh McDaniel, Bob Starrett

Burn, Baby, Burn! : Recording Audio CDs from any Source, LPs to MP3s (Little Book Series)

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ISBN: 0321241312
Издательство: Pearson Education
Burn, Baby, Burn! is your ultimate guide to recording audio CDs. If you're mired in stacks of vinyl, boxes of old cassettes, or have a computer full of unorganized digital tunes, this book is what you need. Authors Josh McDaniel and Bob Starrett-the always-expert and sometimes-irreverent CD mavens-take you step by step through how to record your own audio CDs.Whether you're copying LPs, cassettes, or MP3s, Josh and Bob make it easy to copy, clean up, and record your favorite tunes. Along the way, they provide lots of tips, and they make sure you have as much fun learning as you do listening to your new compilation CDs. You'll learn how to find and use the best software for recording audio, set up your hardware for expert recording and copying, revive your worn-out albums and fuzzy cassette tapes with audio-restoration tools, capture and record audio streams, decode MP3s for use on audio CDs, and burn your favorite tunes to compilation CDs.
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