Обложка книги Colour Image Science : Exploiting Digital Media

Colour Image Science : Exploiting Digital Media


ISBN: 0471499277; 9780471499275;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

The scope and importance of colour image science has grown rapidly in recent years. In parallel with the proliferation of consumer imaging products, the capabilities of colour displays, printers and digital cameras increase. New challenges for colour image science are emerging as cross-media image reproduction is applied in Internet and multimedia displays, motion pictures, digital television and augmented-reality systems. Colour Image Science takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining aspects of human vision with colour image capture, processing and reproduction: Colour Vision - How we see and remember colours Multispectral Imaging - Capturing and storing images in more than 3 channels Image Processing - Correcting image colours and accessing databasess Gamut Mapping - How to render colours in cross-media image reproduction Image Quality - Metrics and methods for assessing images Colour Image Science will appeal to a wide readership,...

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