Обложка книги Easy Digital Home Movies (QUE'S EASY SERIES)

Easy Digital Home Movies (QUE'S EASY SERIES)

ISBN: 0789731142;
Издательство: Pearson Education

With a digital camcorder, Windows XP, and Easy Digital Home Movies, any user can be making movies in a matter of hours. Consumer digital video cameras are available for prices starting below $300, and Windows XP includes a full-featured non-linear video editing application, Movie Maker. These two significant developments in consumer digital media mean home movie making is available to virtually everyone with a DV camera and a computer. While Windows XP does offer users a great application for editing home movies, it doesn't come with a clear explanation of how to do it. This book provides detailed instruction on how to capture and edit home movies using Windows Movie Maker 2. In addition to the editing process, the book demonstrates how toe-mail movies, stream movies on the Web, and transfer movies to DVD for archiving and later viewing.

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