Обложка книги Handbook of Typography for Mathematical Sciences

Handbook of Typography for Mathematical Sciences

ISBN: 1584881496;
Издательство: CRC Press

You know mathematics. You know how to write mathematics. But do you know how to produce clean, clear, well-formatted manuscripts for publication? Do you speak the language of publishers, typesetters, graphics designers, and copy editors?Your page design-the style and format of theorems and equations, running heads and section headings, page breaks, fonts, and spacing-makes the difference between, awkward, hard-to-read publications and coherent, professional ones. The Handbook of Typography for the Mathematical Sciences is your key to exercising control over how your books and articles look, read, and ultimately communicate your ideas. Focusing on TeX, today's medium of choice for producing mathematical documents, the author illuminates all of the issues associated with page design and seeing your manuscript smoothly and accurately through each step of its publication. ·Learn how to format, edit, and layout a page·Examine a variety of graphics options: Postscript®,...

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