Обложка книги Mathematica Graphics: Techniques & Applications/Book and Disk

Mathematica Graphics: Techniques & Applications/Book and Disk

ISBN: 0387940472;
Издательство: Telos

Mathematica is a software system for doing mathematics with the computer. Since its first version was released in 1988, it has sold over 250K units throughout the world. Mathematica's three main components for manipulating mathematics include numerics, symbolic algebra, and graphics. This book is intended to concentrate on tutoring users on how to generate Mathematica graphics using the Mathematica software. It is written by an expert in the area, who is also an employee of Wolfram Research, Inc., the creator and distributor of the software. Tom Wickham-Jones has a Ph.d in Physical Chemistry from Oxford University. He is directly involved in all technical issues and programs relating to the graphics side of the Mathematica package, therefore he is a natural choice to author such a publication.