Обложка книги Paint Shop Pro 7 for Dummies

Paint Shop Pro 7 for Dummies

ISBN: 0764506935; 9780764506932;
Издательство: For Dummies
Страниц: 408

Paint Shop Pro 7 For Dummies is well-suited to business and technical professionals and their office staff who prefer to do the image work themselves, rather than invoke the delay, cost, and uncertainty of turning it over to a specialist. This book addresses common needs such as: image sizing, cropping, enhancement, correction of defects, special effects, and certain special applications such as Web sites. Paint Shop Pro 7 For Dummies shows you how to use the new, powerful design and editing features including vector-based editable text tool options, multiple color/transparency gradients, Animation Shop 2, JPEG and GIF optimizer tools, and the enhanced visual browser file management. Many users learn the basics themselves, but often stumblewhen using the tool. Paint Shop Pro 7 For Dummies will guide you to choose the right tool for your project, explain how to use it effectively, and help you understand what aspect of the image needs to be altered.

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