Обложка книги Start with a Scan (2nd Edition)

Start with a Scan (2nd Edition)


ISBN: 0201710978;
Издательство: Peachpit Press

The art of mixed media has taken on new meaning in the digital production environment, and the second edition of Start with a Scan guides new artists through the maze of image acquisition, hardware, and software toward the goal of final output.This is not just a book on scanning and creating art, but about the art and science of scanning, editing, and tailoring an image to your needs, too. Beginning by explaining how scanners work, the different types of scanners that are out there, andwhy it's important to know how the scanned image will be used, the book quickly digs into the meat and potatoes of editing, altering, tracing, and otherwise changing a scanned image to suit a project. Arguably the most interesting chapters are "Creating Textures and Backgrounds from Print and Paper" and "Transforming Photos into Graphics." One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks that a designer faces is finding and creating background elements and graphics. In these...

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