Обложка книги The Amorphium Pro Handbook

The Amorphium Pro Handbook


ISBN: 1584500417;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Amorphium Pro is a user-friendly 3D program that combines conventional modeling with the ability to create 3D objects using real-time 2D brushes and design tools. This unique characteristic makes it a popular 3D tool of choice for artists and designers,and its feature-packed interface makes it the best 3D package in this price range. Harnessing the power of this program can be time consuming, but with the hands-on insights and tutorials in the Amorphium Pro Handbook, you can be up and designing quickly. Both new and experienced users can master Amorphium's tremendous 3D functionality with the detailed coverage of specific Amorphium Pro modules, including applying F/X, morphing, assigning masks, using Biospheres, and mastering the new Hot Wax function. Eight detailed and unique tutorials make up the last half of the book and are designed to guide users through the entire creation process. With projects such as "Old Joe" and "The Amorphius", users gain powerful insights into how...

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