Обложка книги The Essentials of CAGD

The Essentials of CAGD

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ISBN: 1568811233;
Издательство: AK Peters, Ltd.

Putting the G into CAGD, the authors provide a much-needed practical and basic introduction to computer-aided geometric design. Having written a number of well-received books in the field such as The Geometry Toolbox and NURBS: From Projective Geometry to Practical Use, the authors appreciate the need for a book that helps undergraduate students and practitioners understand and use the elements of CAGD, curves and surfaces, without the mathematical baggage that is necessary only for more advanced work. It helps users of CAD packages as well as game developers understand the basics and thereby makes working with these tools easier. Though only a basic linear algebra and calculus background is needed to understand the book's concepts, the book coversan amazing number of topics such as Bzier and B-spline curves and their corresponding surfaces, subdivision surfaces, and NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines). Also included are techniques such as interpolation and least squares...