Обложка книги The X-Play Insider's Guide to Gaming

The X-Play Insider's Guide to Gaming

ISBN: 0735714355;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Reviews of the hottest games; a "Holiday Hub" of gadget, game, and hardware shopping advice; and a feature on Japan?s hot new gaming genre (dating sims!)--these are just a sampling of what you might find on any given day at the X-Play Web site. Multiply these by a hundred, and that's what you'll find in this encyclopedia of gaming knowledge and X-Play lore from the folks at TechTV. In these pages, you'll discover a grab-bag (an organized one!) of game reviews, tips, tricks, and features culled from the Web site and TV show. Even better, you'll find all sorts of inside information about your favorite tech TV show--behind-the-scenes anecdotes, an X-Play glossary, X-Play out-takes, and more. Each page (or spread) covers a single topic with a featureor essay and an assortment of hints, tips, trivia, sidebars, and references to worthy software and hardware. Best of all, the information is delivered in the funny, edgy voice of the show and its creators.