Обложка книги Vector Game Math Processors (Wordware Game Math Library)

Vector Game Math Processors (Wordware Game Math Library)

ISBN: 1556229216;
Издательство: Wordware Publishing

The increased complexity of the hardware in video game consoles such as the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox and other embedded systems has resulted in a demand for programmers knowledgeable in vector-based program-ming. Vector Game Math Processors explains how to write parallel-based floating-point and integer-based math algorithms for use in video games as well as scientific applications. * Understand all aspects of vector-based programming using the X86, PowerPC, and MIPS processors. * Learnhow to use various vector processor instruction sets. * Discover how to program public and proprietary platforms with a vector-based mind-set. * Explore trigonometric functions and advanced vector math, including matrices and quaternions. * Learn about vertex shaders. * Incorporate the sample vector and pseudo vector code into your own programming projects. -- On the CD -- The companion CD contains example code discussed in the book. The files are...

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