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Dave Randall, Richard Harper, Mark Rouncefield

Fieldwork for Design: Theory and Practice (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)

Обложка книги Fieldwork for Design: Theory and Practice (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)

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ISBN: 1846287677
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 296
Fieldwork for Design looks at why ethnographic approaches have been turned to in the design of computing devices for the workplace, for the home and elsewhere. It presents a history of ethnography, both as it was practiced before computer science picked it up and since, most especially in the CSCW and HCI domains. It examines, further, the various ethnographic or ‘fieldwork’ frameworks currently popular, explaining and examining what each claims and entails. The focus of the book throughout is on the practical relationship between theory and practice, a relationship that is often misunderstood yet fundamental to successful design. The book is illustrated with real examples from the authors’ various experiences in academic and commercial settings, reporting on the use of ethnography before, during and after design innovation and implementation. The result is a book that provides the working knowledge necessary for using any kind of ethnographic...
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