Обложка книги 3D AutoCAD 2004/2005: One Step at a Time

3D AutoCAD 2004/2005: One Step at a Time

ISBN: 0975261371;
Издательство: Forager

We listened when you spoke! Our 3D text continues your training in the user-friendly style you?ve come to appreciate from Timothy Sean Sykes: * We still have the shaded boxes with useful tips and tricks for making your AutoCAD experience easier (and more fun!) * Tim?s writing style is as engaging as always ? and as friendly as always! * We still provide dozens of base drawings to make your exercises move as quickly as possible while allowing you to concentrate on the subject at hand. -- Hundreds of fully updated graphics! -- over 80 step-by-step exercises! -- and yes, we?ve kept the popular three-column approach for our exercises showing any tools that?ll make the exercise easier, the command sequence required to accomplish a task, and a steps column to explain what to do and how to do it! * We?re still the first basic AutoCAD text to go completely digital! (and pass the savings on to you!) [Why carry a 10 pound...