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Bob McFarlane

An Introduction to AutoCAD AEC 5.1 with AutoCAD R14

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ISBN: 0340741856
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Written by an established authority in the AutoCAD field, this text provides a step-by-step guide to AEC 5.1, the architectural and construction engineering package for use with AutoCAD R14. As the basic concepts are explained, a virtual house isgradually created from scratch, starting with basics such as 'layers' and 'levels', and finishing with the construction of a complete 'dream house'. Once it has been built, a 'walkthrough' will allow the reader to 'see' the inside of the house as a 3D pictorial representation of what has been created. By offering a clear, accessible explanation of a complicated package, the author introduces the reader to the potential of AEC 5.1 for enhancing drawing performance. He encourages further investigation of the numerous engineering and construction applications of this package. 'An Introduction to AEC 5.1' will prove invaluable both to professional architects, interior designers, construction engineers and estate developers; and also to...