Обложка книги AutoCAD LT 98: Basics Through Advanced

AutoCAD LT 98: Basics Through Advanced


ISBN: 0130851000;
Издательство: Pearson Education

This tutorial/reference walks readers step-by-step through the systematic use of AutoCAD LT 98--with emphasis on the proper use of drafting standards in several key disciplines. It features screen displays and illustrations, icons at each heading that identify the related AutoCAD LT 98 tool bar item, and Field Notes with tips, helpful hints, and cautions. An Introduction to AutoCAD LT 98. Introduction to Drafting with AutoCAD LT 98. Drawing Basic Objects. Drawing Display Control. Using Layers, Linetypes, and Colors. Precision Drafting Tools. Editing Your Drawing. Drawing and Editing Polylines and Double Lines. Placing Text on a Drawing. Drawing Patterns and Section Lines. Dimensioning a Drawing. Designing and Using Your Own Symbols. External Referencesand Multiview Drawing Layout. 3-D Drafting with AutoCAD LT 98. File Management and Data Exchange. AutoCAD LT 98 and the Internet. Customizing AutoCAD LT 98. For anyone involved mechanical, architectural and electrical drafting or...