Обложка книги CAD Manager's Guidebook (Reference)

CAD Manager's Guidebook (Reference)

ISBN: 0766838897;
Издательство: OnWord Press (Acquired Titles)

There's one thing CAD managers agree upon: running a CAD department is a difficult job. This new edition of CAD Manager's Guidebook helps readers anticipate problems and devise solutions within their daily jobs. Complete with an all-new companion CD-ROM,this guidebook's convenient, 3-part organization explains the role of the CAD manager; details how to create and institute your own CAD standards, policies, and procedures; and offers tips and suggestions for maximizing CAD efficiency. Thoroughly updated, this book now reflects the current state of CAD, with coverage of topics such as networking, the impact of the Internet, plus the future of CAD and the drawing file. A must-have reference for novice and experienced CAD managers alike!

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