Обложка книги Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Tutorial and Multimedia CD

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Tutorial and Multimedia CD


ISBN: 1585031135;
Издательство: Schroff Development Corp
Страниц: 290

This tutorial style introduction to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire will be valuable to both the new and the experienced Pro/ENGINEER user. For the new user this book offers eleven tutorial style lessons that cover program operation, part creation, modeling utilities, creating engineering drawings, and creating assemblies and assembly drawings. The experienced Pro/ENGINEER user will find the lessons as a quick means of becoming familiar with the many new features contained in Wildfire. This book is accompanied by a CD that contains a complete audio/visual presentation of all the tutorial lessons contained in the book. The CD-ROM gives the Pro/ENGINEER user the opportunity to get a feel for how Wildfire works. Издание на английском языке.

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