Обложка книги Blood on the Forge (New York Review Books Classics)

Blood on the Forge (New York Review Books Classics)

ISBN: 1590171349;
Издательство: New York Review Books Classics; Reprint edition
Страниц: 248

A great African-American novel rediscovered, this novel follows the harrowing passage of three brothers forced to flee the feudal South for the industrial North. Delivered by day into the searing inferno of the steel mills, by night they encounter a spiritually and environmentally devastated world crowded with dogfighters, whores, cripples, strikers, and scabs. Attaway's extraordinary novel confronts the brutal realities of industrialization and the African American Great Migration in a lyrical style that is born of the sound of the blues. And it offers an unprecedented vision of the American melting pot not as an image of hope, but as an instrument of destruction.

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