Обложка книги Back to the User: Creating User-Focused Websites

Back to the User: Creating User-Focused Websites


ISBN: 0735711186;
Издательство: New Riders Publishing

Back to the User integrates Web design, navigation and content considerations with effective branding and marketing guidelines. By teaching those that create websites how to think like the people who use them, this book enables web marketers anddevelopers to create sites that people want to, and can successfully, use. The authors offer their readers an approach to engaging target users in the development process early on and in a meaningful way so that the very premise of a site is driven bythe needs and desires of its users. The book provides countless examples of common mistakes that even the best websites make and offers solutions that are geared to get everyone on a web development team, from CEO to programmer, viewing the site from theuser?s perspective. This book is intended for: Senior management of companies, large and small, who are about to build or rebuild a Website Web designers, developers and information architects Web marketers and...