Обложка книги Pdf Print Production Guide, the

Pdf Print Production Guide, the

ISBN: 0883624311;
Издательство: Graphic Arts Technical Fndtn
Страниц: 164

Book DescriptionThere are a number of books out there about Adobe Acrobat and PDF, but none focuses entirely on PDF as it relates to print production?until now. In the high-end print production environment, PDF files must be created for a variety ofuses: screen (for soft proofing and correction cycles), print (for digital printing), and press. This book explores the problems, solutions, and techniques specific to using PDF in prepress and print production. You will learn the history and evolution of PDF and the Adobe Acrobat software family before exploring setup and PostScript basics. However, the meat of this book is in the how-to process, as it offers step-by-step instruction on fixing PDF problems that plague print production facilities, aswell as specific procedures for creating print-perfect PDF files using the standard Acrobat software tools. Additionally, an entire chapter has been devoted to answering common PDF questions taken directly from GATF training...