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William F. Gilreath, ?William F. Gilreath, Phillip A. Laplante

Computer Architecture: A Minimalist Perspective (Kluwer Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 730)

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ISBN: 1402074166
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
The one instruction set computer (OISC) is the ultimate reduced instruction set computer (RISC). In OISC, the instruction set consists of only one instruction, and then by composition, all other necessary instructions are synthesized. This is an approachcompletely opposite to that of a complex instruction set computer (CISC), which incorporates complex instructions as microprograms within the processor. Computer Architecture: A Minimalist Perspective examines computer architecture, computability theory, and the history of computers from the perspective of one instruction set computing - a novel approach in which the computer supports only one, simple instruction. This bold, new paradigm offers significant promise in biological, chemical, optical, and molecular scale computers. Features include: Provides a comprehensive study of computer architecture using computability theory as a base. Provides a fresh perspective on computer architecture not found in any other text. ...