Обложка книги The Mathcad 2001i Handbook

The Mathcad 2001i Handbook

ISBN: 1584502657;
Издательство: Charles River Media

The Mathcad 2001i Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the user interface and basic calculations of this new version. The book teaches both simple and complicated techniques through step-by-step instruction, allowing both experienced and new Mathcad users to learn the powerful features of Mathcad. Task-specific sections contain information on special numerical algorithms, useful tips, and original algorithms. A short outline of math concepts and terms is given at the beginning of each section. The book begins with the basics of Mathcad and how to use the math editor, and then moves on to practical issues relating to specific mathematical tasks, providing complete examples and code listings. The final section includes information on how to create professional reports in Mathcad, as well as effective methods for advanced users. Covering everything from basic functionality to higher-level programming, this is the perfect reference for anyone using Mathcad in a professional, academic,...

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