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Steven Holtzman


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ISBN: 0684846128
Издательство: Touchstone
Gravity-defying sculptures that can only exist in cyberspace...an interactive opera in which members of the audience become part of the performance...fractal images that rival nature's greatest masterpieces. Digital Mosaics is the first book to explore the new digital media and the variety of art forms emerging from our computer culture. It is destined to change our traditional perceptions and definitions of digital expression. Through the works of cutting-edge computer artists, composers,and designers, Digital Mosaics explores the possibilities of the digital medium and how it radically transforms the way art is produced and understood by the audience. Presenting an astonishing collection of examples, Digital Mosaics illuminates the qualities that make digital expression different from all previous artistic endeavors. From his discussion of the changing meaning of "original" art -- digital creations are at once infinitely reproducible and essentially...