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Digital Photographic Imaging Glossary

ISBN: 1553692535;
Издательство: Not Avail

Digital photography can be a simple undertaking or very complex if you allow it to be. My choice was to refer to as many sources of information as were available. Along with courses, tutorials and other forums, this glossary is an ideal companion as you venture into this new field of photography and imaging. The terminology associated with digital imaging is used in a variety of fields to express similar concepts. To prevent misunderstandings it is essential to clarify concepts and establish definitions - definitions that are thorough, uncomplicated and easily understood. This book does not replace your user manual for your software or hardware. This glossary does not contain (commercial) software related terminology. This is appropriate as it simplifies things into two distinct categories: your manuals and this glossary. Some authors profess that you don't have to read their work from front to back; that you should in fact, just use it for occasional reference. Well, I...

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