Обложка книги Engineering Design and Graphics with Autodesk Inventor 6

Engineering Design and Graphics with Autodesk Inventor 6

ISBN: 0130456993;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Hands-on in approach, this book goes beyond the available Inventor manuals and references to first teach Inventor and then show how to apply it to design problems. It uses a step-by-step format and many sample and exercise problems that allow readers to work directly from the book to the screen. The first seven chapters cover the fundamentals of Inventor, showing how to create models and assemblies?beginning with two dimensional shapes and concluding with sheet metal models and assemblies. Then, readers work through nine design projects for hands-on experience in building a prototype, demonstrating the prototype's performance capabilities, and creating a set of drawings using Inventor to document the design. Two Dimensional Drawing. Three Dimensional Models. Orthographic Views. Assemblies. Threads and Fasteners. Sheet Metal Drawings. Dimensions. Tolerances. Bearings and Shafts. Gears. Cams, Springs and Keys. The Design Process....