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Ben Sawyer

Monster Gaming: The Complete How-To Guide for Becoming a Hardcore Gamer

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ISBN: 1932111794
Издательство: Paraglyph Press
This book is the insider's guide to the culture and secrets of the game-playing elite. MONSTER GAMING covers everything that hard-core gamers need to know about, from buying and setting up high-end game systems, creating killer audio systems, making PC mods to increase performance, to modifying games. Numerous insider tips and hands-on projects are provided to help gamers get the most out of their hobby. Special chapters show gamers how to create monster game machines, tweak their hardware, compete in tournaments, set up gaming networks, track down hard-to-find games and collectibles, and participate in retro gaming. MONSTER GAMING also covers how to hook up a console to state-of-the-art home-theater systems, how to put your own likeness into games, how to participate in local and national competitions, how to buy imported games not readily available, and how to live the hard-core gamer lifestyle.