Обложка книги The Big Book of Logos 3

The Big Book of Logos 3

ISBN: 0-06059-688-0;
Издательство: Harper Design International
Страниц: 384

For the first volume, David E.Carter chose 2,500 logos currently in use, and produced a major resource book for logo designers, an inspiring showcase of effective logo design from all over the world. The variety of styles and techniques covered the complete creative spectrum. "The Big Book of Logos" became one of the best-selling graphics books of all time, the first best resource to consult when devising a new logo. Soon after, came "The Big Book of Logos" featuring another 2,500 designs, and, after that, The Big Book of Logos 3 , which is now available here, for the first time in an affordable paperback edition. Logo designers are always looking for sources of inspiration, wanting to see "what's new" and this book has it all. Every logo designer should have this on the shelf for frequent use, and the new paperback format (and pricing!) will ensure that The Big Book of Logos 3 will take its place alongside the series' earlier volumes as an indispensable...