Обложка книги trueSpace F/X Creations

trueSpace F/X Creations

ISBN: 1584500123;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Discover the Secrets for Harnessing trueSpace's Effects' Power! Fires, Explosions, Tornadoes, Shockwaves - these Hollywood quality effects will turn a good animation or scene into a spectacular one! And, thanks to the affordability and power of trueSpace, you don't need any of the Hollywood-priced software or equipment to do it. With trueSpace, your 3D modeling and animation skills, and your own creativity, you'll learn how to crate amazing special effects that push your creations to new levels. Through detailed tutorials and the use of plug-ins (many off which are not available anywhere else) you'll learn how to create photorealistic effects from animated water to full 3D fire and explosions. KEY FEATURES: Covers all F/X topics and explains how to create them using trueSpace Free copies of Primitive Itch's Layery, AnimDote, InfoClone, Yamenko Fresnel, Yamenko Noise, Yamenko Phong, Yamenko Depth Bendy's Blur n' Feather, Digital Soapbox Fractal Noise Pack, wfmm...