Обложка книги The Cinema 4d R8 Handbook (Graphics Series)

The Cinema 4d R8 Handbook (Graphics Series)

ISBN: 1584502169;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Cinema 4D is known worldwide as one of the most powerful and diverse animation and rendering applications available. Cinema4D R8/8.1 is a major upgrade, with a multitude of new functions and modifications that can be dizzying to get through. With The Cinema 4D R8 Handbook, however, you'll get up to speed quickly. The book has been completely updated to cover the major new functions and provide hands-on methods for analyzing the many new tools. Using a project-based approach, you'll be creating impressive projects as you learn. Beginning with the general tools and tool layout, you'll learn how to customize the tools to create a work environment conducive to your workflow, including where to start, how to start, and when to finish. Then the real fun begins with the modeling tools. Modeling is covered, from primitive methods and NURBS, to object creation, polygon creation, and NURBS editing. Next you'll put C4D's powerful texture capabilities to work and discover how...

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