Обложка книги 3D Computer Graphics (3rd Edition)

3D Computer Graphics (3rd Edition)

ISBN: 0201398559;
Издательство: Addison Wesley
Страниц: 592

The third edition of Alan Watt's 3D Computer Graphics , a bible of computer graphics, includes a CD-ROM full of examples and updated information on graphics and rendering algorithms. The book discusses many of the techniques that have evolved in the seven years since the previous edition was published. 3D Computer Graphics is a textbook, and it's designed for serious programmers creating graphics applications (not end users). Over the course of 16 sections, Watt introduces the concepts and implementation of computer imaging, from "Mathematical Fundamentals of Computer Graphics" to "Representation and Rendering" and ending with "Image-Based Rendering and Photo-Modeling." The last section, devoted to computer animation, includes methods forlinked structures, collision detection, and particle animation (to name a few). Although the topics are sometimes hard to grasp, Mr. Watt writes clearly and concisely, making generous use of diagrams to help convey the principles...