Обложка книги Step-by-Step Digital Photography : A Guide for Beginners

Step-by-Step Digital Photography : A Guide for Beginners

ISBN: 1584281413; 5-17-042061-7; 5-271-16039-4; 978-985-16-1314-0;
Издательство: Amherst Media
Страниц: 112

Book Description Ideal for novice and experienced photographers alike, this introduction to the growing world of digital photography offers a visual approach to learning how to put any kind of digital camera to good use. More than 180 frames pair instructional text with photographs that illustrate each aspect of the latest trends in capturing digital photos, from identifying various parts of the camera to operating lens and flash exposure controls. Discussions are included for using memory cards, configuring ISO settings, and choosing the best camera. Created in a compact format, this fully updated handbook is an ideal companion for photographers learning on the go.

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