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Aaron Wester

Becoming a Web Designer: Skilled in the Ancient Art of Llama Herding

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ISBN: 0595215912
Издательство: Writers Club Press
I’m sure you’re asking yourself, "Self, why would anyone want to become a Web Designer? I mean, after all, didn’t the Internet go out of business?" Well sure, the Dot Com saga has come to a traumatic end, as Venture Capitalists have closed, bolted, and boarded up their doors to aspiring pre-IPO Dot Com companies. But the Internet isn’t going away! Companies are constantly improving their online image; developing bold new ideas that interact with their clients and users in a very personal and powerful way. None of this could be accomplished without savvy Web Designers and their keen sense of ability to play video games on company time without ever getting caught! It’s time for you to discover the hi-tech, mysterious, exotic and action packed thrill of becoming a Web Designer!
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