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Anne-Marie Concepcion

Professional Web Site Design from Start to Finish

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ISBN: 1581801300
Издательство: How Design Books
If I gave you a box of carpentry tools, could you build me a house? While having the right tools to do a project is a great first step, you still need to learn the overall process of how and when to use those tools to achieve your goals, knowledge that few other web design books present. This book starts from the assumption that you have the right tools -- an Internet connection and a web authoring program or an HTML reference book -- to begin with. (If you don't, the first chapter will bring you up to speed.) Then in clean, clear language, it steps you through the web design and development process from start to finish, from a successful studio owner's perspective: Brainstorming site goals, gathering and converting content, developing a strategic site architecture, balancing elements of tone, message, and navigation, prototyping and presenting designs, organizing and trafficking files, production, subcontracting, publishing and promotion. Whether you're working on a 5-page site for...
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