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Mark Levene, Alexandra Poulovassilis

Web Dynamics: Adapting To Change In Content, Size, Topology And Use

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ISBN: 354040676X
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
The World-Wide-Web is a ubiquitous, global tool, used for finding information, communicating ideas, carrying out distributed computation, and conducting business. The web is highly dynamic in the quantity and nature of the information that itencompasses, which poses a host of challenges. There is a need to understand how the information content and usage of the web change, and to develop techniques for organising and manipulating web information which can handle and exploit its inherent dynamics. Access to the web may be from a variety of devices and interfaces, different users at different locations, and at varying times. There is thus also a need for techniques which dynamically adapt information presentation to the mode of access and to the specific user requirements.
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