Обложка книги Web Site Creation Kit (CyberRookies Series)

Web Site Creation Kit (CyberRookies Series)

ISBN: 1584500832;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Millions of young adults communicate with one another on the Internet, and having one?s own Web page has become an important part of a person?s Web identity. This one-stop resource kit is a complete course in designing Web pages, and includes hundreds of ?drag and drop? clip-art items, design templates, games, email response forms, banner ads, buttons and projects. >>> CD includes 2 complete software packages worth over $80! >>> Covers everything from creating your first ?welcome? page to simple order forms and setting up a chat room! >>> ?Projects? show step-by-step instructions and tutorials for creating Web pages, pop-up windows, and inserting images >>> Accompanying CD includes ready-to-use designs, games, clocks, counters, and license-free clip art to make web pages more enjoyable.