Обложка книги Practical JBossA® Seam Projects (Practical)

Practical JBossA® Seam Projects (Practical)

ISBN: 1590598636;
Издательство: Apress

Practical JBossA® Seam Projects , written by renowned author and enterprise Java practitioner Jim Farley, is expected to be the first practical projects book of its kind on this groundbreaking open source lightweight JSF-EJB3 framework. Practical application scenarios are used to demonstrate the nature of the JBoss Seam framework, its efficacy, and its limitations. The series of scenarios and cases demonstrate key elements of the framework (e.g., basic web application development, rich web clients with Ajax, and so forth). Real-world case studies offer valuable insight into the new practices of JBoss Seam Web 2.0 development What you'll learn See how to use the open source lightweight standards-based Seam framework in the context of the Java EE 5 environment. Get a quick, broad primer on Seam by examining a "canonical" web application. Appreciate the...