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Enterprise E-Commerce

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ISBN: 0929652118;
Издательство: Meghan-Kiffer Press

To compete in the emerging digital economy, Global 2,000 companies will need to change their business models, rethink the way they work and extend their internal business processes out to their suppliers, trading partners and customers.This comprehensiveguide takes a holistic view of business and technology, enabling CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs and project development teams to move boldly into their e-Commerce initiatives. Unique among the many books written about e-Commerce and e-Business, this book takes on the challenges and issues of enterprise-class electronic commerce -- a completely new infrastructure for a whole new way of doing business. It addresses the requirements of large-scale, mission-critical applications where agility, scalability, reliability, extensibility, interoperability and integration with heterogeneous legacy systems are essential. The book teaches, inspires action and shares insight from the authors' pioneering work with Fortune 1000 companies including GE,...

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