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Peter G. W. Keen, Walid Mougayar, Tracy Torregrossa

The Business Internet and Intranets: A Manager's Guide to Key Terms and Concepts

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ISBN: 0875848400
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
In a remarkably short period of time, the Internet revolution has enabled technologically wired managers to leave their less-savvy colleagues behind, scrambling to stay competitive--and the emerging value of intranets is making the race more strenuousyet. To ease the stress, Peter Keen offers reassuringly complete coverage of web technology as it relates to success in today's business environment. The fifth installment in Keen's popular series of manager's glossaries, this accessible handbook quickly acquaints readers with the key concepts of the business Internet and intranets. Managers can use it as a reference, or a resource for understanding and communicating the larger significance of web technology and business innovation. Keen and his co-authors highlight business issues throughout, emphasizing their relevance for managers through many real-life profiles. This indispensable glossary includes insightful commentary, practical applications, and over 100...