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Jack Matthews

Time And Money.com: Create Wealth by Profiting from the Explosive Growth of E-Commerce

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ISBN: 0938716506
Издательство: Possibility Press
When opportunity knocks, most people ignore it. They just keep doing what they've always done, hoping life gets better. Unfortunately, things usually stay the same or may even get worse! Then there are those who seize opportunity. And today, there's a new breed of such people. They come from all walks of life - and are profiting from the tremendous growth of e-commerce. They ignored their fears and logged on to the Internet...unlocked their dreams by browsing the Web site of hope...clocked on theicon of possibilities...and viewed their future with anticipation! Would you like to join them? They're no smarter or better qualified than you. Like them, e-commerce could be the key to solving your time and money problems - and living the life you want. Millions already buy online. Until recently, though, creating wealth on the Web has been limited mainly to techno-wizards. Now, you too can profit from the power of the Internet. Opportunity is knocking on the web - loud...