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3G Wireless Demystified

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ISBN: 0071363017;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Professional

All-in-one, application-and service-focused look at 3G cellular Want to know exactly how existing wireless technologies are evolving into a vital third generation -- and how this trend impacts the bottom line? You’ll find the answers in 3G Cellular & PCs Demystified, by Lawrence Harte, Richard Levine, Roman Kikta. This plain-language guide fills you in on the different technology types, design issues for handset and network systems, economics, and the future of 3G --vital topics for anyone working in the field, from marketing managers to technicians. Helpful appendices identify key companies involved with the products and services highlighted in the book. In addition to an introduction to 3G wireless basics and industry terms, you get: History, system overviews, basic operation, world system descriptions of cellular systems…North American TDMA…and Code Division Multiple Access Radio channel structure, signaling, and system parameters of digital...