Обложка книги A+ Certification Bible (Bible)

A+ Certification Bible (Bible)

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ISBN: 0764548107; 9780764548109;
Издательство: Wiley

A business runs on its software, which means that it's possible to make a very nice living by maintaining the hardware that enables business software to go. The CompTIA A+ professional certification is the generally recognized token of accomplishment in the areas of Intel-compatible hardware configuration and the hardware-related parts of the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. The A+ Certification Bible is a comprehensive guide to the subjects successful A+ candidates are required to understand, according to CompTIA's published statements of exam scope. Author Ed Tetz does an admirable job of telling readers what they need to know for the exam, though when on the job some may wish for more practical information. For example,Tetz explains how the NTFS 5.0 filesystem--a feature of Windows 2000--is better than the earlier version of NTFS that shipped with Windows NT, but he doesn't alert readers to the extensive woe they can expect to encounter if they...